GORTEC (Groupe d'Oncologie Radiothérapie Tête Et Cou or Head and Neck Oncology and Radiotherapy Group) was created in 1999 by five founding centers (Clermont-Ferrand, Nancy, Nantes, Tours and Villejuif) with the aim of coordinating clinical and/or laboratory studies in the field of cervicofacial oncology.

Its objectives are as follows:

 To improve care, and promote and develop research for the benefit of head and neck cancer patients.
  • By setting up or participating in clinical or experimental research projects in the field of cervicofacial oncology
  • By deploying all the resources it deems necessary to implement these projects, including the employment of personnel
  • By facilitating the organization of and participation in congresses and other scientific events in France and internationally
  • By funding advanced training and awarding research or training grants
  • By hosting French or international personnel for training placements and research projects.
 To improve the material and psychological conditions, care, treatment, and follow-up of patients with these diseases.